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Istikhara For Business

Istikhara For Business

Today we are going to talk about Special Istikhara for Business. stikhara means Praise to be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions. ( Istikhara for business) Salatul Istikharah is a sunnah that, if one must choose between permissible alternatives, one may pray two non-obligatory rak’at, even if they are of the regular Sunnah prayers or a prayer for entering the mosque, and so on, during any time of the day or night, and recite therein whatever one wishes from the Qur’an after reciting al-Fatihah.Then one praises Allah and sends salutations to the Prophet and recites the following supplication which has been recorded by al-Bukhari in Jabir’s narration: “The Prophet would teach us al-istikhara ( Istikhara for business) for all of our affairs, as he would teach us a surah from the Qur’an.

Istikhara For Business
Istikhara For Business


He said: ‘If one of you intends over an act, he should pray two non-obligatory rak’at and say: “O Allah, I consult You as You are All-Knowing and I appeal to You to give me power as You are Omnipotent, I ask You for Your great favor, for You have power and I do not, and You know all of the hidden matters. O, Allah! If you know that this matter (then he should mention it) is good for me in my religion, my livelihood, and for my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then make it (easy) for me. And if you know that this matter is not good for me in my religion, my livelihood and my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then keep it away from me and take me away from it and choose what is good for me wherever it is and please me with it.” If you want to know whether that business or job is in your favor or not? If want to know whether the particular business or job that you are interested to start would be good for you or not?
This is to seek guidance of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala

How to Perform the Istikhara for business

The night which comes after the evening of Thursday, means night before the day of Jumma’. It would be the Friday night.During that night after 12AM around:
Make a fresh wudu and then offer 2 rakah of prayer for forgiveness to forgive the sins (Salat-ul-tauba);
Then pray to ALLAH to forgive your all sins;
Then read 100 times Astaghfar “Astaghfirullahe Rabbi Min Kulli Zambinwatubo ilayhe”;
Then 100 times Durood-e-Ibraheemi;
Then 100 times the seventh verse of Surah Talaaq;
Then again 100 times Durood-e-Ibraheemi, then pray with all the generous heart for your purpose of istekhara for business
Insha Allah, you will get to know that the business/profession/job which you want to start would be best for you or not.
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